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Hi, I'm Manny

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Born on 11/30/62 to Orlando and Gladys Troche in Yaco, Puerto Rico. When Manuel was five years old, he and his family moved to Long Island. He and his three brothers attended Patchogue Medford schools. Manuel graduated from Suffolk Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice. He is married to his lovely wife Patricia and is both a father to Aileen and stepfather to Kevin, Allen, Wilton, and Johnny. He is proud of all of his children’s accomplishments.


Manuel works as a Senior Production Manager and has held supervisory positions since 1985. His role is to motivate employees and create a cohesive team that meets or exceeds ever-changing production requirements.

Service to the community in which he lives is essential to him. Manuel has demonstrated his commitment to the community through his actions:  He actively serves as a committeeman in the Town of Islip, helping the residents to have a voice. He also serves on the Community Development Agency (CDA), known for affordable housing programs. Manuel has helped with several relief efforts helping the people of Puerto Rico after they were devastated by Hurricane Maria (2017) and an earthquake (2020).


Manuel also proudly serves as a Brentwood firefighter taking great pride in keeping the community safe and learning new skills. His passion for helping others comes as the result of his personal struggles. He was born with Polio and worked very hard to defeat it. Manuel states, “I do not run away from challenges. I set my goals high. As someone who serves the community, I know how important it is to be accessible. What I do as a firefighter as well as what I do for the community means the world to me.”


Awarded the Spanish Heritage Award

Earned a citation for saving a life with the Brentwood Fire Department

Captain of the Drill Team (Racing)

Assisting Pronto and Adelante with the community (over many years)

Provided community support during Superstorm Sandy

Issues Important To Manny

Safety on our Streets

Manny Troche supports our police and will combat dangerous gangs like MS-13 who threaten our community, as well as the crackdown on drug dealers who bring addiction to our neighborhood.



Manny Troche will protect and provide our community residents who are looking for assistance in becoming US Citizens and those seeking a permanent Green Card.

Small Business Growth

Manny Troche will create jobs and strengthening our economy by improving our area’s business climate. He will encourage small businesses as they recover during the challenging climate.

Parks and Recreation

Manny Troche will fight to make sure our residents and community receive the necessary attention they deserve, so we can further improve our parks and preserve open spaces.


Community Involvement

Manny Troche is a strong voice in our community. He is an 18 year veteran of the Brentwood Fire Department serves as a Board Member of the Community Development Agency, and is a community volunteer and advocate.

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